Saturday, November 24, 2012

Migraine Attack

I woke up feeling groggy. That's always a bad sign. Waking up groggily usually foreshadows a migraine attack - and yes, after an hour or two, it started. I've managed to keep it at bay for now. My head hurts like hell and I'm sick to the stomach, but I'm still able to walk around the house and get a little work done. Which is good. 

My vision isn't quite clear. It feels as if clouds are coming up, like in the photo above (Atlantic City three weeks before Sandy hit). In relation to migraines, this phenomenon is called "migraine aura". On bad days it's like looking through a dark and narrow tunnel with only a small opening at the end. It's the reason why I don't drine a car when having a migraine attack.

I tried to take good care of myself today. I went outside to walk (with Flo and once on my own for a brisk 5-minute walk) and ate yummy stuff: cereals for breakfast, noodle soup for lunch, oatmeal gruel for dinner. I didn't drink enough yet so I'm going to make tea in a minute and prepare a tall glass of berry shake, which is low on fat and calories but still offers the fuel my body needs.

I'm considering having a can of coke. My Doc told me caffeine can help bringing about the detumescence of the blood vessels in my brain. Is it worth a try?

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