Sunday, January 27, 2013

(Almost) Back To Normal

This is the last flu-photograph of Flo & me, I promise.

After two weeks spent sick on the couch, it's time to get back to normal. I'll be back to work tomorrow. I'm glad routine will be back to my life because I didn't like spending so much time doing nothing but sleeping, coughing, and feeling miserable.

I didn't care about eating healthily during the last two weeks. But now it's about time to resume eating with more thought. The one thing I did very well these past days was drinking lots of water and tea. But I asked D twice to get a bottle of coke for me, one for each week, for me to drink whenever I had the impression I needed sugar and caffeine to boost my blood pressure. I'm sure these two minor sins can be forgiven. :)

I think I won't be working out for another day or two because I still have coughing and breathing issues. I'll resume doing the Fab Abs challenge on Wednesday. It's supposed to get warmer, too, so I'm looking forward to re-start running as soon as all the snow and ice have melted away.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Does your pet notice when you're ill?

This is how I look having the flu (= pale & crappy).
 Flo never leaves my side when I'm sick..

My blog-friend Giora asked an interesting questions in his last comment on my blog: 
"Does your dog notice that you are ill? Any reactions? I never had a dog, but wonder if the dog can feel what is going on with your health."
Yes, Flo notices when one of us is sick. She makes sure to stay very close to us all the time. She seeks body contact and often climbs on top of us to make sure we are warm.

Last night, when I was feeling really bad (having a migraine attack on top of the stupid flu), Flo spent the whole night next to me, snuggling up to me, so that I knew she was there.

I've heard from other dog-owners that their dogs are doing the same for them whenever they are ill. One of my co-workers told me, that his dog would even go out hunting rabbits when his wife was pregnant and presenting his prey to her, wanting to make sure she got enough food during the pregnancy. The dog was very sad when she started throwing up when the dead rabbit was put in front of her...

When I was still having cats, they watched over me, too, when I was sick. They always stayed close and snuggled me whenever I felt especially bad.

Has anybody else made the same experience with their pets?

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Flu

I've spent the last week in bed or on the couch. I didn't do much, couldn't do much, because every single bone in my body hurt. 

I've had The Flu once before in my life. I didn't expect it to ever be back. Unfortunately, The Flu decided to make another appearance in my life.

The Flu crept in slowly, making me think it was a building migraine attack or maybe a common cold. It took two weeks to build and then wham! It hit me on Saturday and hasn't left yet. Ibuprofen is my best friend right now. 

I've been to the doc twice. He has ordered me not to return to work before next Wednesday. Until then, I am to stay in bed and endure The Flu. Gosh, I hate it!

Hope everybody else is doing okay?

Monday, January 14, 2013


Seems I was right the other day: I've developed a very nice cold with flu-like symptoms. Man, I feel like crap. Basically, my whole body aches and I can't barely swallow and speak. Appointment with the doc later today.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Runnin' Flo

Flo surprised me with a short sprint tonight. She started running the moment we left the house. Wow! I think the 45-minute-walk we did earlier revived her spirits. What fun!

I have been feeling headache-y and tired since yesterday morning. I'm wondering if I'm developing a migraine or if I've caught a head cold.

Fab Abs: Days 7 & 8

I did it! I did 12 push-ups yesterday, all in a row. Will have to repeat that today.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Chicken Noodle Soup. Yuck!

I went to McDonald's for lunch. I love their triple choc cookie and I can't resist a white hot chocolate. Unfortunately, that leaves me with chicken noodle soup for dinner. Boooring. But at least I'm staying within my calories range.

Fab Abs: Day 6 & 7

I forgot to do my 7 push-ups yesterday. D and I had started watching RED with Bruce Willis and I couldn't miss a second.
So, later today, there's 12 push-ups to do. I don't think I can do 12 push-ups in a row yet, but I'll try. And treat myself a bubble bath afterwards.

Bat Fit

Professor Z introduced jars of good things and gratitude to us Bat Fitters. I find those very cute, but am not the kind of person to commit to things like that.

However, I love the idea of recalling the good things that have happened to me every once in a while.
Here's some of the good stuff that has happened to me in 2013 so far:

  • Flo's health has improved.
  • I found enough motivation to stick to the Fab Abs challenge for a week now.
  • There are people who like spending time with me.

Okay, that doesn't sound like much, I know. But for a depressive person that's A LOT to have come up with. Really.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunset & Bat Fit

This was the sunset on January 1st, 2013, as seen from our balcony. Isn't it a pretty first sunset for this year?

D and I went to Muenster, Germany, earlier today. We decided to have dinner at a Spanish restaurant and I picked several tapas. They were really yummy, but when I counted calories later... oh, man! :(

Fab Abs: Days 3-5

I did the Fab Abs exercises every day so far. I find the increase in push-up repeats too hard to do yet. I can do 7, but not 10. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but I think I'll do 7 push-ups and maybe there's a chance I'll be able to be doing 10 tomorrow? Although I'm already supposed to do 12 on Monday... Argh.

Bat Fit 2013

You might have seen in my sidebar that I was taking part in the Bat Fit challenge during 2012. Well, Bat Fit continues in 2013 and I'm still in! :)

Bat Fit is hosted by my friend, Professor Z. Want to know more about it? Here's how she describes it on her blog:
>>Bat Fit is quite simply Goths, Punk Rockers, and Alternative Types (or anyone actually) working towards total physical, mental and emotional health. It's a community of like minds who depend on each other to cheer our successes and lend support when we trip up and "fall out of the Bat House."<<
Come and join the fun!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No Improvement

I took this photograph on January 1, 2013. I cropped it because there's no way (yet?) I'm going to show you my thighs. Unfortunately, I haven't lost any weight since my last photo (October 17, 2012) and nothing has changed. *sigh*

Eating healthier and running haven't helped yet, or so it seems. That means I have to invest more time in working out and make healthier food choices still.

Fab Abs: Day 2

Yesterday, I told you about Fab Abs January. After day 1, my abs do feel a little sore - which tells you a lot about my current fitness level (it's looooooow...). 

Today, it was 10 sit-ups, 5 push-ups, and a 15 sec plank. Man, I would never have expected planks to be such a pain!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fab Abs

Did you celebrate last night? Or did you prefer to stay at home and watch tv like D & I did?

Yesterday, I stumbled across Sisterhood Of The Shrinking Jeans' Monthly Workout Calender for January, Fab Abs January, and decided to give it a try. It seems to be easy enough so that even beginners can follow through.

Fab Abs: Day 1

I gave it a try earlier today and did the requested 10 sit-ups, 5 push-ups, and 10 sec plank. The only thing I found hard to do were the sit-ups, because Flo kept sneaking up on me and tried to lick my face the whole time (her breath doesn't exactly smell like spring flowers).

Last year, I think it was in October, when I realized how much weight I had gained, I tried doing push-ups, too. Then, I found it so hard to do only 3 and I quit doing them after only a week. Today, I was afraid that I would fail doing 5 push-ups, but I managed to do them. Man, I'm glad about that! ;)

Years ago, when I still was actively practicing taekwondo, doing 30-35 push-ups were hardly an issue. I just did them and never thought about it. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that many once again at the end of January.