Sunday, January 27, 2013

(Almost) Back To Normal

This is the last flu-photograph of Flo & me, I promise.

After two weeks spent sick on the couch, it's time to get back to normal. I'll be back to work tomorrow. I'm glad routine will be back to my life because I didn't like spending so much time doing nothing but sleeping, coughing, and feeling miserable.

I didn't care about eating healthily during the last two weeks. But now it's about time to resume eating with more thought. The one thing I did very well these past days was drinking lots of water and tea. But I asked D twice to get a bottle of coke for me, one for each week, for me to drink whenever I had the impression I needed sugar and caffeine to boost my blood pressure. I'm sure these two minor sins can be forgiven. :)

I think I won't be working out for another day or two because I still have coughing and breathing issues. I'll resume doing the Fab Abs challenge on Wednesday. It's supposed to get warmer, too, so I'm looking forward to re-start running as soon as all the snow and ice have melted away.

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