Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Working Out & Meeting Friends

Remember when I told you about my hurting back? Well, the problem is still not solved so the doc advised me to take rehabilitation sports classes.
Unfortunately, my private health insurance does not (want to) cover the costs. PUBLIC health insurance does. Go figure!
Does not matter, though, because these classes are also included in my gym membership.
My first class was last week. When I entered the gym, I saw a familiar face among the other members: a friend of mine! And I did not even know she had joined the gym.
I had hoped to have found a workout buddy but I have not seen her since although she wanted to join me in the classes I was taking. Hope she has not given up (yet).

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


As most of you already know, I love animals. I love my little Flo more than I can say and it breaks my heart to hear about animals who have been abused, tortured, left to die.

If you'd like to help an animal in need, maybe donate a small amount or even adopt one, please do! If you don't know where your help is needed, here are two suggestions (many more can be found through internet search or are listed in your local phone book):

Noah's Ark Rescue (located in SC, USA) 
Warning: some photos of the animals' injuries are very graphic. 

Argos Sanctuary (located in Cyprus)

There are a lot more organisations helping and saving animals. If there's an animal shelter or organisation close to you locally - or close to your heart - and if you can spare a dollar/euro or two, please consider donating. 
Even small donations help them save animals, feed them, care for them, and find new homes for them.
Some shelters are also grateful for donations of dog/cat toys, cat litter, blankets etc. Just call ahead and ask them what is needed.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back On Track

We did it! Flo and I went on a short run today. Felt so good! :)
I'm looking forward to resuming my running now that winter is finally (hopefully?) over. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Don't you dare!

For days, if not weeks, I have not dared checking my weight. I do not know how many kilograms I have added or lost and I do not want to know just yet.

I think finding my inner balance is probably more important than weight loss right now although I am not absolutely sure about all that.

What do you do to improve your state of mind when life gets weird?