Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Don't you dare!

For days, if not weeks, I have not dared checking my weight. I do not know how many kilograms I have added or lost and I do not want to know just yet.

I think finding my inner balance is probably more important than weight loss right now although I am not absolutely sure about all that.

What do you do to improve your state of mind when life gets weird?


  1. Puppy-time! My Achilles has entered my life in a time that was much, much weirder than now. Thinking of that makes me put things into perspective. Than even if the worst case scenario happened (divorce), he would still be by my side. Whether life is stable or weird, he needs to be walked, fed, groomed, entertained, etc.

    I've been neglecting diet and exercise because of my situation with my Mr. too. Especially now that it's the time of the year for half-price chocolate. I just eat my emotions, and I sit around at the computer. Not good.

    1. Yep, Flo-time is good for me, too! :)

      I should exercise more but I lack the motivation...

  2. Oh, and I find that cooking helps me too. No matter how weird life is, we still need to eat. I cook and bake a lot. It also gives me alone time in the kitchen where I can think, sing, watch something from Netflix on my tablet, etc.

  3. I'm sorry to admit that a run really helps:) all the best!