Friday, December 14, 2012

Eating Crap

What I hate about the Christmas season is that temptation lurks in every corner. I cannot withstand cookies, no way! Can you?

I find it pretty hard to be conscious about what I eat when D and I are leading our regular lifes. We eat out a lot and I always choose to eat something I like and not some boring salad. Whenever D is on duty somewhere else where he has to stay overnight, I find it easier to make healthier food choices because nobody tempts me with the suggestion of eating out.

Has anybody else experienced something like this?

There is still no regular internet connection in our home and I am still using my smartphone for short blog posts.

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. I have not answered directly yet because using the phone for this kind of correspondence is so annoying. How do you manage to type fast on these things?


  1. I completely understand. When I cook at home it's easy to eat healthy, but the moment we go out it gets difficult. Luxky me, our favourite restaurant is Vietnamese where eating healthy and vegetarian is rather easy.
    Biggest problem for me is when I'm in Munich for work or university. It's almost impossible to grab something that isn't crap there :/

  2. Hi Mina.

    Oh, you are from Germany, too?

    I have never tried Vietnamese food. Sounds like I should try.