Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Domino

Here they are, the promised photos of my fILOFAX Domino A5:


It was my father who introduced me to the world of planners & personal organizers. Back then (I was still in school) I didn't really appreciate the first fILOFAX he bought me. I tried to find it the other day but I guess it's stored away somewhere in the basement or at my parents house. It was red, too.


Only now have I decided to give this whole planner thing another try. So after lots of thought I ordered the red Domino, size A5. It arrived a couple of days later and has made me happy ever since. It came with a calender, notepaper, to-do-lists, address pages, a ruler, and lots of dividers.


I had already seen some cute fILOs on other blogs and on pinterest, so I decided to try and customize mine as well, at least a little. I found some cute free printables via Pinterest and printed one to put in the front. I will probably exchange it for another print-out in the future, probably something red and black to match the Domino.


Here's how the last week looks like in the calender section. I like color-coding the different tasks and appointments. The Domino comes in many different colors. I ordered the red one (and doesn't it remind you of Rufio, too?).

Does anyone else own a fILOFAX or even more than one? Which ones and what do you use them for?

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  1. It's great having a planner you like.
    Color coding is a great idea.
    What ever keep you on track is a good thing.