Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting Started: Running Gear & Little Helpers

by Sal of A Quest For Health & Fitness

Last week, I decided to buy running gear. I have found lots of excuses for not doing it earlier but this time I actually got up and went downtown to get the stuff I wanted.
Since fall in Germany is mostly cold and rainy, it had to be long running pants, long-sleeved shirts, and a hat to keep my ears warm. I own an old pair of running shoes which I never found quite comfortable (I think they might be half a size too big). At first, I thought I’d just keep these for starters but I guess I already knew I was not looking forward to wearing them. Yesterday, I found a brand new pair of Puma running shoes on sale for 30 €. They’re a full size smaller than my old shoes. Hopefully, the size is right this time. I really can’t tell just yet. I’m so used to wearing shoes a size larger than needed that I can’t tell at all.
Right now, I’m waiting for it to stop raining. I want to try out my new running gear and see how I’m doing. How long will I be able to run? A minute? Two?
Before I even started thinking about running months ago, I knew I had to change many, many things about my lifestyle. The first thing I did in late June was downloading the Noomfitness app which I used (and still use) to track the few times I exercise. I walk about 20-30 minutes daily and do push-ups, squats, and jumping jacks every other day week.
I used the Noom app to keep track of what I ate, too, but discovered in the meantime that food-tracking is much simpler using the My Fitness Pal app. Being a lazy person, I find using apps quite helpful.
Are you using any health and fitness apps? Which ones do you recommend?
Unfortunately, I’m not easily motivated. That’s why I read lots of health, fitness, and weight loss blogs for extra motivation (see blogroll in the sidebar).
Are you a health & fitness blogger, too? Leave the link to your blog in the comments. 

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