Friday, November 30, 2012

Twisted Nerve?

I feel like staying in bed the whole day. I can't move my neck, my shoulders and head hurt, and I've got a stomach ache (the latter thanks to yesterday's dose of aspirin).

Only one small movement has caused this crap. I think it's some kind of twisted nerve (is that what it's called?). 

Hope I'll feel better tomorrow because I want to run again. It's getting really cold here in Germany and I don't think I'll keep this routine up as soon as the temperature falls below zero. So every day counts now!

What do you do to keep fit during the cold winter months?


  1. I love to run, but instead of running in the cold (a trigger for my asthma), I've taken to dancing, jumping jacks, and jumping rope.

    1. Do you work out at home or at a local fitness club?