Saturday, December 1, 2012

Support, please!

The guy is Mr. K. (a.k.a. "D"). The shorter one is me, weighing 10 lb less. The picture was taken in Clearwater, Florida, Feb. 2012.

I've been trying to convince him to join me running for ages. He usually agress to do so and that's it. A spoken agreement, than nothing. He won't run, he won't join the gym. He will criticize me for skipping a meal or dessert or for leaving stuff on my plate, though. *sigh*

How do you guys convince your other half to show a little support and join you in your efforts?


  1. It's nice to see you and your boyfriend happy together. Not everyone like running. I don't, for example. But I like walking. Maybe you can convince him to join you and the dog for quick walking.

    1. Hi Giora!

      Actually, I prefer to walk, too.
      Your idea is good, unfortunately he won't walk with me, either. :(