Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Lazyness

How is everybody doing? Hope you all got nice presents and enjoyed great food.

Personally, I didn't feel christmas-y this year and I'm glad the holiday insanity is over soon. I usually love this season, but I'm still suffering from this depressive episode and couldn't care less right now. :(

Pretending to be happy and normal all the time is so exhausting but I can't afford to let anybody at work know. In my job, admitting to having a mental illness always means "EoC" - end of career. 

Today, D's picked up his mother and we went to our favorite Greek restaurant for lunch. Afterwards, we had the traditional German "Kaffee" at our house. 

"Kaffee" or "Kaffeetrinken" is not limited to drinking a cup of coffee, it often includes enjoying a piece of cake, too. Since I don't drink coffee (I'm not an easy guest if invited for "Kaffee"), I always include tea and/or cappucino. 

In northern Germany, coffee is usually substituted by tea. If you're interested in German (especially Frisian) tea culture, I wrote an article about it here: On Drinking Tea.

While D is taking his mom home, I enjoy playing on my new 3DS (which I can't stop calling "Gameboy"). I'm aware of the fact that I'm probably too old to be having so much fun with a device like that but I promised D and myself I'd do anything for my health and happiness. And this makes me happy because it reminds me so much of my childhood (I grew up with Super Mario).

I already changed from my festive dress into a comfy pair of jeans and a hoody bought in New Jersey two months ago. I like dressing up every once in a while, but lazy evenings call for different clothes.

So tell me, how did you celebrate Christmas (if you celebrated)? What did you have for supper and dinner? What presents did you get? 

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear you've been suffering depression over the Holiday season! Keep playing with your 3DS. You're never too old to play and make yourself happy! :) It has been a very hot Yuletide season in Australia this year. So very different to Europe. Christmas Day was a long day with visits to both my family and my husband's family. Got the best present ever from my husband and son though: A Charles Addams print of The Addams Family! *squeal* My very best wishes to you for happiness in 2013! ❤

    1. What a cool present! :)

      I would love to check out a non-European Christmas somewhere warm. I'm really not a child of winter.