Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's over!

The holiday madness is over and I'm glad. The last couple of Christmas cards arrived in the mail today and I'll leave them on the mantle till New Year's Eve.

I haven't dared to step on the scales and check my weight. Although I tried to eat moderately, tracking my calory intake on My Fitness Pal (add me as a friend, I love extra motivation) told me that I still ate too much. Grrrr.

I'm still not quite myself. Yesterday, I started crying in front of the tv and today I still don't have my act together, or so it seems. I'm teary-eyed all the time and try to keep my distance to all things that could touch me emotionally. I can't even watch the news.

I haven't been running today, but I took Flo for a longer walk than usual. I ordered some new running shirts, too, not only for me, but for D as well! He even asked me to! Wow.

Post written by Sal of "A Quest For Health & Fitness".


  1. Sorry to hear that you were crying in front of TV. Is that because the TV show was sad, or just you being unhappy now with your life? Best wishes for being happier in 2013.

    1. Because the news are bad. They're always bad. And mostly, it's children and animals suffering.

      Thank you for the kind wishes. :)
      I hope you'll have a fantastic year 2013, too.