Saturday, December 15, 2012

Night Run

Finally! I was able to run tonight.Temperatures rose to 8°C and the snow stood no chance against that. So when we returned from visiting the Christmas market in a nearby city, I changed into my running clothes and coaxed D into joining me. 

D didn't want to run, so he had to take the dog for a walk and follow me within earshot while I was running. The route I usually take is not very well lit and somewhat lonely, that's why I liked having hom around. I ran 1.42 kilometres in 11 minutes. That's not very fast, I know, but I'm just glad that I went outside to run at all. I would never have thought that I would ever do that. I even missed running during the past two weeks.

My (first) goal is being able to run a distance of 2 km in 12 minutes or less. Is that goal realistic? Can anybody tell me? 

My next goal will probably be running 5 km without a pause, but that really is a long-term goal. I don't want to force myself because I usually quit if under too much pressure.

This post was written by Sal of "A Quest For Health & Fitness".

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