Thursday, December 6, 2012

No Connection

The internet at my house has been down for three days now. The providing company has absolutely no help to offer. All they keep saying is "hm, it should work...". But it doesn't.

So I am blogging via smartphone once again. :( I really dislike doing that because it is hard to properly add photos and typing is awfully annoying, too.

I wanted to write a longer post, telling you about my new coffee machine and how I don't know what kind of running shoes are appropriate for running in snow. Any suggestions?


  1. I use many time the free computer in the Public Library close to me. Check if there is a public library close to your house. I put mnay German products in my novel, and put the Melitta coffe maker but have no ide aif it's good or not.

  2. I did not know there is a Melitta coffee maker. I will have to check it out. I got the Dolce Gusto. I do not know if it is sold world-wide.