Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Working Dead

It is my lunch break and I am typing this on my smartphone while feeling like The Working Dead.

Yesterday, I had another stupid migraine attack. I do not know if it was caused by the ever-changing weather or by myself.

You see, I constantly put myself under some kind of pressure. This time, I could not keep myself from worrying about today's grammer test.

I applied for an English language course. Unfortunately, applicants are required to take an English test beforehand. A GRAMMER test. I hate grammer, no matter if it is grammer in my native language or English grammer. Hate it.

However, I took the test earlier today. I have ansolutely no idea if I scored high enough to be able to participate in the language course.

What I do know is that I have never heard the word "tether" before. Is it really common to say "I am at the end of my tether" in English?

I have always been a perfectionist and it bothers me that I got the tether-question wrong.

What I really wanted to say is that I probably caused the migraine attack myself because I could not - cannot - stop thinking about the test.

Have you ever experienced anything like that?

Did not run or eat healthy yesterday. Did not make healthier choices today. Feel like crap. End of post.


  1. Yes, "end of my tether" is definitely a good English saying! As in - my kids are driving me to the "end of my tether!" Have a great day:)

    1. Ah, okay, I really had not heard that expression before.

  2. I also don't like grammer. Language for for communication and as long as people can understand whay you say and write, it's okay with me. About migrane, we shoudl thank germany for giving us Bayer Aspirin.